I believe God gave me this love for the people in this world. I will not allow the forces of darkness to twist and corrupt that love. I will stand with the forces of light, in all their forms, those who choose to trust in their highest ideals, despite the risks inherent.

Please continue to dream. For ultimately it is by dreaming that we push away the nightmares. It is by hoping that we defeat our fears. It is by steadfastly being loyal to what we know in our hearts is the truth, that we pierce the veils of deception that may blind us and surround us with noise and chaos and complicated illusions.

Do what you believe to be right. In the end, you cannot control the consequences, but you can ensure your intents are what they should be. No truly just power in this universe will blame you for that.

You don’t need to believe for there to be a higher power protecting you in mysterious, hidden ways that seem like mere coincidences. I simply suggest you keep an open mind, so that when the time comes, you can easily align yourself with the allies of the light.

For you share a common belief in what is good, because there is something universal about feeling and being a part of any reality. Recognize this common thread that unites us, so that we may work together, even when apart.

Don’t fear the dark forest. Let there be a light in the woods to guide you home.

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